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Endowments are invested using a “pooled” concept, meaning they are combined with other endowments in an investment pool. In order to allocate investment earnings to individual endowments, a method of unitization is needed (similar in concept to a mutual fund). To provide for this unitization, FAI uses a software package called Fundriver.

Fundriver may be used by NC State personnel to obtain information about endowments, including endowment market values, gift agreements, and other fund information. Endowment market values are made available quarterly in Fundriver.


For information on how to access and use Fundriver, please refer to the links below.

  • Link to Fundriver: This link will allow you to log into Fundriver using your Unity ID & password through the NC State Shibboleth Single Sign On process. Please do not bookmark directly from the website to avoid redirect errors. Instead, copy and paste the following web address into your bookmark:
  • Fundriver Instructions: Refer to these instructions for navigating Fundriver. Do not use the “Help” button in Fundriver, as our database is highly customized. These instructions are created specifically for our customized database.
  • Fundriver Access Request Form: Use this form to request access to the Fundriver software. Access is limited to NC State employees who utilize Fundriver in regular business activities. This most often includes College/Unit/Foundation Business Offices, Finance Division personnel, and University Advancement personnel. Faculty should work with their respective business offices to retrieve financial information related to specific endowments.

Important Note

The financial information included in the WolfPack Reporting System and the Foundation Campus Reports is at book value. For general fund and restricted fund projects (including regular restricted funds as well as endowment income funds), the book value is appropriate, as it represents the amount of funds that can be spent. However, for endowment principal funds, users typically are interested in market value, which is not accounted for in these systems.

Market value for endowments can only be found in Fundriver.